Sorcerers of the Seven Gods

by Saritap

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Ludwigar One of the best black metal demos ever. Simply a genuine ode and worshipping to the true black metal art. Favorite track: Serpent's Stones Mysteries.
MORBID KORPSLAYER just bought a copy of the tape from NWN! Great demo! Favorite track: Serpent's Stones Mysteries.
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released November 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Saritap Sofia, Bulgaria

Ritual metal from Thrace.

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Track Name: Sorcerers of the Seven Gods
Sacred mountains shining
from the mighty storms of light.
Hymns of winds are echoing
under skies of seven gods.

Torches with the fire
which burns deeply underground
are illuminating
the sacred place for sacrifice.

Keepers of the ancient secrets
chanting forest hymns in trance.
They are proudly marching
to glorify the seven gods.

Hidden portals open
visions of eternal mist.
Darkness rises from the
nameless coffins carved in stone.
Track Name: Serpent's Stones Mysteries
Fields of desolation
where darkness dwells.
Cryptic winds are blowing
and singing wicked hymns.
The longest day is now over
the solstice night begins.
Stars on the horizon
celebrate the nightfall.
Mystic dance in circle
surrounding massive stones.
Monotonous chanting
invokes the ancient beasts.
Goatblood on the altar,
serpents of black mist.
Ceremony members
in state of transcedence.
Astral demons showing
obscure visions of abstract.
Journey to the spheres,
cosmic knowledge is revealed.
Procession to the moongate,
portal to black sun.
Funeral of feeble god,
thrones of might supreme.
Track Name: Tower of the Black Moon
Through the dark nocturnal sky infernal beasts we ride,
their black majestic wings enshadow holy light,
flames of hellish fire, flames of poisoned dust
summoned by the powers of the ancient Chaos.

Burning ruins of the churches fall as preachers weep,
black unholy hatred massacres the sheep,
storms of devastation, storms of blasphemy
summoned by the powers of the ancient Chaos.

Gather, mighty warriors, destroy the enemy,
bring to our horned wargod glorious victory,
sacrifice the angels, sacrifice the weak,
spill their blood into the depths of the ancient Chaos.

Tower of the black moon piercing the sky,
waters of a mythic Ocean blaze in lunar light,
night of ancient magic, night of pagan rites,
fullmoon rises above the sacred woodlands.

We embrace your silver glow,
moon of black celestial realms,
we glorify your mighty crown
and your divine majesty.

With your power we complete
our mystic rituals,
your nocturnal sons prevail,
moon of black celestial realms.
Track Name: Cemetery Shadows
Over grey gravehills blackness falls
awakening the cursed's domain.
Silhouettes whispering mournful moans,
eternal wanderers of doom.

Desolate cemetery of forgotten shadows,
ravens croaking liturgy of death.
Necromantic howl brings nightwinds's master,
the deceased's spirits now arrive.

From the darkest spheres evoken
in the inverted pentagram,
souls of tenebrous infinities,
reveal me the secrets obscure.

Colossal rainfall meets the soil
as thunders are piercing the sky.
Ancient incantations sound in midnight hours
the cold winds celebrate the moon.

Monumental statues standing high
before the necromantic wizards,
their wicked triumphant chant
summons the cemetery shadows.

I invoke your ancient name
with forgotten magic spells.
Come from the darkness!

I invoke your ancient throne
with forgotten magic spells.
Come in the darkness!